La Maison des Têtes
Hôtel & Restaurant

A famous historical monument of Colmar, which also hides a 5 star hotel and a delicisous restaurant!


A traditional Alsacian restaurant, with Alsacian food, Alsacian wines, and run by an Alsacian family… Our late grandfather used to have lunch there every day… What else can we say ? 🙂

Au Soleil Levant

Jadis et Gourmande, restaurant

We like to eat here when I want Alsacian cooking, but book in advance before because everyone else like it as well…

L’Atelier du Peintre

We go there with our family, when we want to have a special moment. The food is French style, and very creative….My mother could not cook as well as they do … It is elegant, and tasty, without being pretentious… 😉

Aux Armes de Colmar

An other Alsacian restaurant definitely worth trying. Tip: their « Jamboneau au Munster » is delicious!


L’un des Sens – Wine bar

In this bar you can buy wines at the glass. They choose whose wine they sell, and their passion is wine… So you can let them choose for you ! They also make small sorts of french tapas, that you can eat with (cheese, paté…)

100% Le Bar à Jus/Juice bar

Juice bar. if you want to eat something good, tasty, not expensive and good quality, go there !—Juice-Bar/100-Le-Bar-à-Jus-Colmar-197699546939055/

Les 3 Singes – Beer bar

For those who enjoy locally produced craft beers…

La Libellule Café librairie

Cakes are home made (I think they have vegan ones too), you can read, while sitting in old pieces of furniture, surrounded by little objects made par people from here…é-librairie-128160717250571/

Café Rapp

A place where we like to go on Sundays for brunch, or a quick coffee, very good… . Have a look at their facebook, because they have events quite often. It definitely is a place for locals… and you’ll be welcome !


An excellent place to stumble upon for wine amateurs. They offer wine tasting experiences that change every week as well as tasty cheese/meat snacks


Pâtisserie Chocolaterie Richon

Maison HIROSE Unterlinden

Le Petit Maraîcher

Patisserie/Pastry Gilg

An old patisserie, with a traditionnal approach. I like the « lemon extreme » pastry … juste the right balance between taste, sugar, moisture and lemon…

L’atelier de Yann

Pastry shop, with chocolate… Not bad.. Last August I was thinking that they were selling the best ice cream in Colmar. I love the yoghurt one (it drives me crazy actually), and the rasberry (with fresh ones) one … But the pastries are delicious too …


Matières Françaises
Textile shop

A clothes and fabrics shop selling items produced locally. These fabrics were sold to Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel when I was a child. The quality is just great…

Avenue d’Alsace
Textile shop

This shop is owned by a woman who loves local fabrics, and reinvents traditionnal drawings. She produces her textiles only in France. We love her work …

Home Jasmin
Flowers & souvenirs

This is a nice flower shop, but also nice for little presents… Really frenchstyle …


You’ll find here little presents for those who like to write, read, …Nice post cards too …

Utile et pratique

Pharmacie du Cygne
Jean François Kelber

City Fitness

Parking Rapp
Car park

Ouvert/open 7h-21h. We can provide you a 24h access with a parking card at a discounted daily rate. Contact us on